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Castor Oil For Healthy And Long Hair

Castor oil is the superb magic oil for  fast hair growth and healthy hair. If you are having rough hair or dull hair then a hot castor oil  head massage can be answer to your problems.Castor oil works like magic if want to grow up hair fast and also make ur hair healthy.

Also castor oil can help you with thin eyebrow hair. Take 2 drops of castor oil and just massage the oil in opposite direction of eyebrows daily and you will see growth in your eyebrow hair within few months.

Note:- If you need better results for eyebrow hair growth then apply castor oil and massage daily before going to bed.


The following  is the oil mask which I use to grow my hair fast and healthy


Castor oil

Vitamin E oil/capsule

Coconut oil


Keep a small bowl upon a bowl bigger than  filled with hot water and mix all the oils in that bowl and your hot oil mask is ready.

Apply this oil before you go to bed and wash it next morning or 20 mins before you take a bath.you would see a bit difference  in  one wash but apply it 2-3 times a week for it to be more effective


Use pure castor oil only (other oil in market is used as laxative can have some others indgridents mixed in it)

Since castor oil is sticky you might need to wash ur hair 2 or more times depending on ur hair length so use a mild shampoo but no need to use conditioner.

If ur hair is sticky after first wash don’t worry next time u wash it with a mild shampoo it will  be alright.

These were my tips on how to use castor oil if u have any other ways comment and let us know.


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